Moto X: Friends and Family of Motorola Employees Can Get it For...

Moto X: Friends and Family of Motorola Employees Can Get it For Free – Sort Of



One of the secrets to success in life? Having connections. From getting a job to finding a great place to live, or even getting a steal of deal on a new handset. You heard that last one right. It seems that Motorola is giving employees and their friends and family a chance to get up to $200 off on the Moto X!

What’s the catch here? Besides having to be a Motorola employee or an employee’s friend/family member, you have to agree to participate in a special survey where you rate your experience with the MotoMaker tool and website. When first purchasing the handset, you’ll get $100 off. You will the have two days to complete the MotoMaker feedback survey.

Once you turn it in, they’ll give you the other $100. For those signing up with a two year contract, that basically means you get the handset for free.Keep in mind that these survey takers will have to go through AT&T to use the MotoMaker, as it is the only carrier currently supporting it.

This is a pretty brilliant idea for Motorola’s part as it gives them a controlled way to test out the MotoMaker and customization process ahead of launch, while also winning over fans by essentially giving the phone away for free. According to AllThingsD, select participants will even be given the option to participate in a further interview with Motorola where they can get a further $250 in incentives.

Bottom-line: If you know someone who works for Motorola, or even know someone who knows someone, you might want to speak up.