Xbox One Designed to Run Silently While Also Keeping Cool

Xbox One Designed to Run Silently While Also Keeping Cool


xbox-oneWhether you love the Xbox 360 or not, it’s hard to deny that one of the things the system is most well known for is in fact the dreaded ‘red ring of death’. As an Xbox 360 owner, I was lucky enough to only undergo this experience once, but many folks can’t say the same.

Microsoft did eventually ‘get things right’ and pretty much end the Red Ring drama, but not until the mistake cost them countless millions and ended up angering quite a few folks.Luckily, Microsoft claims they are ready to do things right from day one (hardware-wise) with the Xbox One. Apparently the new system is being designed to last ten years of continuous use.

If you thought that the X-One looked a bit bulky, there is a reason for that: heat dissipation. Microsoft wanted to prevent heating issues from getting the way but didn’t want to solve the problem by throwing in a million noisy-as-hell fans.

Instead, the Xbox one features a giant heatsink and fan, two copper heatpipes and a roomy design that should help keep things from getting to hot. Even better, the Microsoft Xbox team claims that the system manages to keep things cool without hardily making a peep.

A near-silent Xbox One that doesn’t explode overheat? That certainly sounds awesome. Here’s to hoping that the end-product really does live up to Microsoft’s claim of dramatically improved reliability.