PaperDude VR: The Awesome Paperboy Game (Video)

PaperDude VR: The Awesome Paperboy Game (Video)



While the combination of the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect is capable of giving you some of the scariest experiences ever, it seems that a bit of nostalgia can also be achieved. If you grew up playing the Paperboy game, you would certainly love to try the new PaperDude VR developed by Globacore.

With PaperDude VR, newspapers are thrown again while a player busts windows and knocks down road barriers, but this time the experience will be a complete one with the Oculus Rift on your head, a Microsoft Kinect to detect your movements and a bike along with a Wahoo Fitness KickR to sweat it out like a real world paperboy.

Good to see that modern tech is also being used to help bring a classic game back to life and maybe more will follow, though it is very unlikely that we will see the PaperDude VR outside the Globacore building.

Check out the video below:

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