Using a 3D Printer to Create Fully Working Aston Martin DB4 Replica?...

Using a 3D Printer to Create Fully Working Aston Martin DB4 Replica? Seems Crazy, but Apparently Possible



3D printers are useful for printing unique art objects, life saving devices and maybe even functioning space colonies some day. But what about creating a fully working automobile? Sounds crazy, but yes, that’s possible too!

Ivan Sentch of New Zealand has been working since January of 2013 on the recreation of a classic Aston Martin DB4 replica, at full-scale. Making use a Solidoodle printer, Sentch has created the DB4 piece-by-piece and has now completed more than 72% of the car’s body.

So what’s next after ‘printing out’ the car? Then it will be time to apply autobody filler and create a mold of the car, sanding and repeating until the body has a glassy finish. Then comes lots of sanding, painting and other hard work to make the fram truly usable.

Sentch hopes to harvest parts from a 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS for use on the replica’s drivetrain and engine.

As you might imagine, the whole project is not an easy feat and Ivan Sentch believes he still has at least 4 to 5 more years before the project is fully finished. Still, to have a near-identical replica of a DB4 – valued around $330k to $1.7mill – is more than worth the effort.

For more details on the project, check out Sentch’s own personal blog dedicated to the project.