TouchKeys: The Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard (video)

TouchKeys: The Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard (video)



Not fully satisfied with the wheels and pedals or after-touch while on playing your keyboard? What you need is a TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard, developed by Andrew McPherson from the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London.

McPherson’s design includes capacitive sensor overlays which can be attached onto the keys on your keyboard. With the help of these sensors, which are connected to a circuit board which will be inside the keyboard which in turn connects to a computer with TouchKeys software, you will be able to control vibrato and pitch bends with your finger tips.

Just move your finger side-to-side for controlling vibrato and move the finger up and down for pitch bends, and there are other techniques as well as you will see in the video below.

TouchKeys will work with any instrument or synth which supports MIDI or OSC including VST and AudioUnit plugins and programs like Max/MSP, Pd, SuperCollider, Kontakt and Reason.

But being a Kickstarter project TouchKeys will only enter production if the project meets its £30,000 goal. It has currently raised £5,710 (at the time of writing this story) with 34 days to go. If you are interested, either you can go for a DIY kit which will bring TouchKeys support for your own keyboard or you can pledge for getting a new keyboard which is equipped with TouchKeys.


Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Do you think that TouchKeys will be helpful for you while doing your composing works?