Xbox One to Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage

Xbox One to Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage


Xbox One is shown on display during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond

When it comes to next generation game systems, some folks have given the Xbox One a hard time due to its limited, non-upgradeable 500GB HDD. In reality, Microsoft has made it clear that external drives will also work with the device. Still not enough easily accessible storage space for ya? No worries, there’s the cloud, too.

Microsoft has now announced that it will be offering unlimited cloud storage, as opposed to the paltry 512MB given with the 360. Even more exciting, you don’t need Xbox Live Gold to use it. In other words, it is truly free.As per a Microsoft rep speaking to the Examiner:

“Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are.”

Of course not everyone likes the idea of cloud storage. Still, if you have a speedy internet connection, the addition of unlimited cloud space could truly make the Xbox One even more appealing.What do you think, interested in getting your hands on the One or are you more interested in what Sony has to offer with the PS4?