Flying Drone Lands And Then Walks Creepily (Video)

Flying Drone Lands And Then Walks Creepily (Video)



The thing that you see above, a prototype drone designed by researchers from Switzerland’s Lausanne Polytech, could be the first sign that we might see a lot of transformer robots in the distant future. The drone is coming with a capability which sets it apart from all other drones out there: it can walk with its wings.

The DALER or Deployable Air Land Exploration Robot comes equipped with wings mounted on shafts that can be locked or rotated. When in the flying mode the wings will be locked, but after landing the wings are unlocked enabling rotation and allowing the drone to move on the ground.

So, why not just use wheels you ask? Well, wheels will result in a heavier drone and also they won’t be of much use on rough terrain, but with the wings the Daler can crawl around over high obstacles (not too high of course) and rough terrain. The drone can manage 20cm per second, which is pretty decent since it can fly around as well as most other drones.