$99 HP Android Tablet Coming to Walmart?

$99 HP Android Tablet Coming to Walmart?



Thought the HP Slate 7 was cheap? Not cheap enough! If a new rumor from DigiTimes proves to be true, HP is gearing up for an even cheaper tablet, aimed at a $99 price point and partnering up exclusively with Walmart.

To start off, remember that DigiTimes doesn’t exactly have the most solid rep. Sometimes they get things right, many times they don’t. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

That said, a sub-$100 tablet isn’t exactly impossible as seen by the many sub-$100 tablets made in China, India and elsewhere. Such a device would have to choose a cheaper (likely MediaTek) processor, less RAM, a lower resolution display and minimum internal storage (4GB maybe) to get the job done.

So would such a device be worth that price? Yes and no. It certainly wouldn’t compete with the new Nexus 7, but if the price was truly that cheap and available widely from Walmart stores? It could certainly prove to be a success.

What do you think, would you be interested in a sub-$100 HP tablet or not?