Sony Preparing ‘Lens and Sensor’ Accessory for Smartphones?

Sony Preparing ‘Lens and Sensor’ Accessory for Smartphones?



It’s seems like just about every major smartphone manufacturer is taking aim at the high-end camera market, with a few of the biggest examples being the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Lumia 1020. Rumors even suggest Sony might have an impressive 20MP camera in store for its upcoming Honami – but it doesn’t end there.

According to the latest gossip, Sony is doing more than just building a high-end “cameraphone”. Instead, the company is looking into creating a lense with a built-in imaging sensor and its own independent battery. The idea is that you’d stick this bad boy onto your smartphone and using NFC, it would transform your existing handset into a powerful camera.

The rumor also claims that the accessory will use the same sensor and lense as the upcoming Sony RX100 Mk II, a $750+ camera. While that’s cool and all, it would also likely translate to big $$$ for this accessory.

This is certainly an interesting approach and means that the bulky camera accessory can be removed when you don’t need it. Of course it goes without saying that this rumor could turn out to be nothing more than B.S., so take it with a grain of salt.

What do you think, would you be interested in such an accessory?

Source: Android Central