Firefly Online Coming to Mobile Devices in 2014

Firefly Online Coming to Mobile Devices in 2014



Haven’t heard of cult classic Firefly? Then I’m done talking to you…. Okay not really, but seriously, if you love the idea of a Sci-Fi space western, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. While you’re at it also check out the Firefly movie, Serenity.

For those that know exactly what I’m talking about, be prepared to be at least a little giddy: the show might not be returning, but at least the whole experience is making its way over to mobile devices next summer.

The Firefly game will take place in same universe as the show/movie, where you’ll assume the role of a captain of a Firefly-class vessel. From there you can create a crew, customize the ship, play various planet and space-based adventures, and so much more.

The game also will have quite a few social features for connecting fans, and will even support cross-platform/device gameplay.

What to learn more about the game? You can always pre-register at the Firefly Online website.

Any other Firefly fans out there, if so, are you excited or not?