iPad Mini 2 Might Arrive In Q4 2013 With Retina Display

iPad Mini 2 Might Arrive In Q4 2013 With Retina Display


Earlier, we have heard reports that the manufacturing of the next-gen iPad Mini will be delayed as Apple wants to launch the device with a Retina Display. But according to DigiTimes, the Mac maker hasn’t still made a decision to add a high-resolution display onto the 7.9” tablet.

Apple reportedly wants a near bezel-less design for the iPad Mini 2, and they have asked suppliers to shrink the tablet’s bezel. But if they finally decide to add the Retina Display, the launch of the device will only take place in the fourth quarter of this year.

We are not expecting Apple to release the iPad Mini 2 with a lower resolution display, which has turned many customers away from the current iPad Mini. So it might be safe to believe in a delayed launch for the upcoming tablet. But be sure to take this rumor with a pinch of salt as this is from DigiTimes, which has a track record of being right only sometimes.

Meanwhile, another rumor from the same source suggests that the iPad 5 will arrive this September with a 9.7” display, slimmer bezel, improved battery life, and a single LED tube (reduced from two).

So, which tablet are you waiting for?

Source: Ubergizmo
Image Source: Cnet