T8 Robot Tarantula Is Incredibly Lifelike (Video)

T8 Robot Tarantula Is Incredibly Lifelike (Video)


We have seen spider-bots before, but the T8 octopod from Hong Kong based Robugtix will be unlike everything you have seen so far, all thanks to its realistic 3D-printed exoskeleton and movements as real as a tarantula.

The T8 is an incredibly lifelike robot equipped with 26 Hitec HS-35HD servo motors, three servos in each leg and additional motors for abdomen movements.

And you won’t have to do any programming to make the robot move as a real spider since it features the company’s Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine for controlling the body position, legs and walking gait. Inverse kinematics will make sure that the body tilts and shifts while the legs remain still, a feature which will add to the agony of your arachnophobic friend who gets the T8 treatment from you.

But all these capabilities of course mean that it will cost you dearly. The robot is available now for an introductory price of $1,350, with the first batch shipping September 30th. And the Robugtix Controller will cost you an extra $8. The controller utilizes a wireless Xbee module to send commands to the robot. You also need to buy a single 4 x AA 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack, which will not be available with the kit.

But if that’s a very heavy price tag for you, maybe you should go for the iitsii hexapod robot.

The iitsii, as you can see, is not coming with a realistic look and is smaller than the T8. It features 20 servos and is made out of PCB. But this one is more affordable at $250, and will be launched on August 31st.

But you better make your pre-order now, as the prices for both the robots are expected to go up in the future.

Source: gizmag