Geohot Successfully Roots Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Geohot Successfully Roots Samsung Galaxy S4 Active



Yes. That same guy that went around hacking the PS3 and jailbreaking the iPhone has taken his skills over to the realm of Android, and it looks like he has taken the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and rooted it.

The “active” variant of Samsung’s flagship smartphone was released on AT&T a couple of weeks ago and the folks at XDA put up a bounty (which is currently up to $455) for anyone who can root the Galaxy S4 Active. In an interesting turn of events, George “Geohot” Hotz happened to get one of these phones on his way home from the beach and rooted it. And he didn’t even know about the bounty.

So, we are now in an interesting situation. The $455 bounty is still up for grabs, because while Mr. Hotz was able to successfully root the phone, he has not yet posted instructions on how he did it. If he does share a tutorial, the money is presumably his, but if someone else posts up how to do it before then, then Geohot could have left enough cash on the table to buy the upcoming PS4… which he’d probably hack, too.

Source: Phandroid