Galaxy S4: Samsung Has Shipped 20 Million Units

Galaxy S4: Samsung Has Shipped 20 Million Units


Galaxy S4

We have been hearing rumors about the slowed down sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a while now, but it appears like the device is still going strong on the market. Samsung has reportedly shipped 20 million Galaxy S4 unites according to the company’s mobile boss JK Shin.

Samsung shipped 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 by late May. The company is said to have taken around two months for reaching the 20 million mark with their handset. This is certainly great news for the South Korean giant when considering that it took them 100 days to hit the same mark with the Galaxy S3.

Some analysts have predicted that the S4 shipments will reach 80 million units at the end of this year, far more than the 60 million of the S3. But we wonder how the sales of the S4 will be affected if the Galaxy S4 LTE-A is available in countries other than South Korea, where it is on sale now. And there are hotly anticipated upcoming devices, such as the Moto X and next-gen iDevices, which might affect the S4’s sales.

Source: BGR