Can It Be? iOS 7 Already Jailbroken

Can It Be? iOS 7 Already Jailbroken


For an active jailbreaker, new versions of iOS often come with quite a bit of mixed emotion. While these iDevice owners are excited to get in on the latest features and improvements, they also know that it is nearly inevitable that they will have to wait several months before a jailbreaking solution arrives. Even worse, each new version comes closer to finally closing the door on jailbreaking altogether.

So with iOS 7 around the corner, will we run into major problems with jailbreaking? Perhaps not! The latest massive redesign to iOS has actually already been broken ahead of its consumer release by a iOS developer Ryan Petrich. Yep, that’s the same man behind DietBar, LiveClock and other popular mods.

His proof comes in the form of an image of a jailbroken iPod Touch running the iOS 7 beta, which he posted to Twitter just yesterday night (image seen at bottom of article). Interestingly enough, the developer never actually makes the claim that he has successfully jailbroken iOS 7. In fact he never even mentions it all, though it’s clear by the screenshot that’s what happened.

So why didn’t Petrich brag up the jailbreak? More than likely it is because the method is an early/experimental method and he doesn’t want to catch Apple’s attention with it. After all, the Cupertino giant could still fix holes and exploits that make the method possible by the time they roll iOS 7 out to the public.

Again, an early jailbreak doesn’t mean that the method will actually be available for all iDevices shortly after iOS 7 goes public. After all, iOS 6 Beta was also jailbroken with an early method. The arrival of a final release iOS 6 jailbreak method to all iDevices took much longer, unfortunately.

Still, how awesome would it be to have a fully working jailbreak out into the hands of the community within days of the mobile OS’ launch? We can dream at least.

Source: Cult of Mac