Daily Deal: EasyAcc 10,000mAh Portable Battery Pack Only $27.99, 12,000mAh $36.99 from...

Daily Deal: EasyAcc 10,000mAh Portable Battery Pack Only $27.99, 12,000mAh $36.99 from Amazon


As much as we love our smartphones and our tablets, we oftentimes find ourselves running out of battery, frantically searching for the nearest wall outlet to juice back up… and that’s assuming we had the forethought to bring our wall chargers with us. It’s far smarter, as you can imagine, to bring along a spare battery or two to keep you running through the day.

There are some external battery packs out there that might range from 2,000mAh to maybe 5,000mAh, but what if you need even more power? And what if you want to score an awesome deal on said battery? Well, you’re in luck. Amazon has a couple of portable battery packs from EasyAcc on sale and they’re packing plenty of juice for the road warrior in all of us.

The smaller of the two is the EasyAcc 10,000mAh battery. This charger and power bank is compatible with a huge array of USB-powered devices like the iPhone 5, iPad 4, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Microsoft Surface Pro, among countless others. It has two USB ports — 2A and 1A — and it’s listed at $27.99, marked down from a regular price of $69.99.

For even more power, there’s the EasyAcc 12,000mAh battery. It’s fundamentally the same kind of idea with a bit more juice, but the key here is that it comes with four USB ports, ranging from 0.5A to 2.1A in output. It’s on sale for $36.99, down from $99.99.