Video: Over 20 Million Americans Willing to Wear Google Glass Everyday

Video: Over 20 Million Americans Willing to Wear Google Glass Everyday


Google Glass is going to change the world and the wearable augmented reality eyewear could become just as ubiquitous as the Apple iPhone. That’s according to a new report published by Forrester Resarch, which found that 21.6 million US online consumers are willing to wear the augmented reality glasses on a daily basis, as long as they came from a trusted brand.

Of course, Forrester didn’t go around knocking on everyone’s door, but they did survey more than 4,600 American adults in April. Extrapolating from that data, they concluded that a full 12 percent of population are interested in the technology and are willing to use it daily. This is despite already having some businesses, like a bar in Seattle, ban Google Glass even before it is officially released to the public.

At present, it’s a $1500 device and the early units are sent out mostly to developers who seek to expand the functionality of Google Glass. You know those cool demo videos with all sorts of crazy AR and real-time interaction with the real world? Well, Google Glass isn’t exactly there yet, but it does have bone conduction technology, touch controls, voice commands and the wicked “floating display.”

Forrester Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps says, “We think it’s just a matter of time until Glass takes off.” The market-ready version is projected to launch some time next year.