PocketStrings: Practice Guitar Wherever You Go (Video)

PocketStrings: Practice Guitar Wherever You Go (Video)


If playing with the strings like Jimi Hendrix is the way you have imagined your future to be, you should know that a lot of practice is all you need, whether you like it or not. But of course you can’t carry your instrument around everywhere and you can’t keep on doing like Bill and Ted all the time. Maybe what you need is PocketStrings available over at ThinkGeek.

Just slide open the portable PocketStrings to get access to a section of a guitar neck with real strings and frets. There’s even a strum pad for rhythm. And all those strings can be adjusted and replaced.

So the next time when you get bored at a meeting or impatience makes you do weird things with your hands, just take out PocketStrings and start practicing chord fingerings. You won’t be disturbing others around you as it just makes small sounds. Sorry, no real guitar sounds. But it seems to be perfect for beginners looking to build finger strength and calluses.

PocketStrings is available here for $29.99. Are you interested?