Zuckerberg Hoping To Partner with Samsung for New Facebook Device?

Zuckerberg Hoping To Partner with Samsung for New Facebook Device?


Facebook Home hasn’t exactly been a major hit for the company so far. Sure, it’s had a fair amount of downloads, but due to a very low Google Play rating – odds are most downloaders ended up uninstalling Facebook’s attempt at deeper smartphone integration.

Facebook’s phone, the HTC First, equally has meet limited interest from consumers through its AT&T partnership. This has even led Facebook to postpone its plans to bring the phone to the UK.

So what’s next? Facebook has already started working on revising and improving the Facebook Home experience, putting back some of the features it removed from a traditional Android experience. Facebook might also want to bring out new partner devices to make it clear that they haven’t given up on the Facebook phone dream just yet.

Reportedly Mark Zuckerberg has even approached Samsung to make the next phone, or so sources claim according to the Korea Herald.

Zuckberg actually met with Samsung’s Shin Jong-Kyun in Korea this week, where he supposedly asked Samsung to step up its involvement with Facebook, including making a Facebook Home device. Would Samsung follow HTC down this unsuccessful road? As already mentioned, the HTC First has not fared well. Samsung seems to have little to gain here.

The company has its own successful Android phone business and isn’t in the need for immediate cashflow the way that HTC is. Samsung also have plans for Tizen, Windows Phone and other efforts that would likely take priority over a Facebook phone project.

While a Samsung Second would be interesting, I wouldn’t bet on it. What do you think of Zuckerberg’s Facebook Home effort – will it ever catch on, or was the concept doomed from the start?

Source: Slashgear