Apple TV Gets iTunes Radio in Beta Form Right Now

Apple TV Gets iTunes Radio in Beta Form Right Now


Streaming media has really taken off in the last few years with services like Netflix for movies and Pandora for music. Apple is tackling this arena with its upcoming launch of iTunes Radio for iOS 7, but you can actually get a taste of iTunes Radio right now on your Apple TV.

Well, you have to be a registered developer first. The latest Apple TV beta release is iOS 5.4 and it contains a beta build of iTunes Radio for your music streaming enjoyment. The service is similar to some other “custom radio” type solutions, building radio stations based on your favorite artists. Then, you can tag the tracks and buy the songs directly from iTunes from within that service.

Along with the inclusion of iTunes Radio, iOS 5.4 for Apple TV also has updates for Home Sharing, plus the release of iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match. Photo Stream has been rebranded as iCloud Photos too. There’s also something called Conference Room mode where you can implement custom backgrounds and instruction overlays, plus you can play stored iCloud presentations, videos, photos and music content.

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