Afraid of Being “Watched” Online? Raspberry Pi Can Help

Afraid of Being “Watched” Online? Raspberry Pi Can Help


Does privacy really exist on the net? Recent drama related to the NSA and project Prism certainly is making us think twice about how private our Internet experience really is, whether it comes to the government or even just a hacker watching you.

Want a fighting chance at actually staying private when on the web? A new device from Adafruit uses a Raspberry Pi as its basis, and is called the OnionPi Tor Proxy. This interesting project requires a USB Wi-Fi adapter, ethernet cable and a Raspberry Pi. The end result is a low-power proxy for privacy.

The Onion Pi Tor Proxy is capable or re-routing your internet traffic via a number of locations, which makes tracking you all the more difficult. While a determined agency or hacker could likely still find a way around these tricks, it certainly ads an extra layer of security and privacy.

Curious on how to make your own or simply want more details on how this would work? You can grab instructions over at the Adafruit website.

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