AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Getting Access to 4G LTE Network Next Week

AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Getting Access to 4G LTE Network Next Week


When it comes to the world cell phones, prepaid customers will almost always play second fiddle to the monthly plan customers in the eyes of the carriers, because the latter group is naturally far more lucrative. Even so, AT&T wants to keep its GoPhone prepaid customer base happy and that’s why AT&T is finally letting those prepaid customers do the 4G LTE dance too.

The assumption is that AT&T has built up a strong enough infrastructure with its LTE network to now support the increased load necessary to handle its GoPhone prepaid service too. This support will open up next week on June 21st. If you’re a GoPhone user and you have an LTE-compatible device, you should be able to connect starting then.

If you’re on the GoPhone service (or want to sign up) and don’t have an LTE device, AT&T is helping with that too. The budget-oriented Samsung Galaxy Express has the looks to stay in line with the Galaxy line but at a more affordable price. Selling for $249.99 sans contract, the Galaxy Express has a 4.5-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual core processor, 5MP camera and 8GB of storage.

As far as the LTE-compatible GoPhone plans go, they all include international texts from the US to Canada, Mexico and about 100 other countries. The cheapest plan is $25/month for 250 minutes, but you need to tack on $5 for 50MB of data. Going through 50MB on LTE is really fast, so you might consider the higher plans. For $40/month, you get 200MB, 500 anytime minutes and additional data at $5/100MB. The highest plan is $60/month and it has 2GB of data with unlimited calling. Add more data at a rate of $10 per gig.