U.S. Prosecutors Calling For Tighter Anti-Theft Measures for Smartphones

U.S. Prosecutors Calling For Tighter Anti-Theft Measures for Smartphones


Losing your smartphone is never fun, especially when it was straight-out phone theft that led to its disappearance. When a phone is taken from you, there isn’t much you can do, other than wipe/lock the device if you happen to have some kind of security app/service supported on the device.

Apparently San Francisco and New York prosecutors want to go to war with smartphone theft in a bigger way, by launching the “Save of Smartphones Initiative”. The idea here is that the group would work with various consumer groups and organizations to put pressure on smartphone makers to place tighter restrictions on stolen devices – with the hopes that this would discourage theft in the first place.

Earlier this week, Apple took its own step forward with security by introducing a new feature in iOS 7 that it make it much harder for unauthorized individuals to reactive a phone. It still remains to be seen how effective this will be, however.

Do you agree with the “Save the Smartphones” initiative, should carriers and smartphone makers take more responsibility for preventing the sale and distribution of stolen devices? Or is it up to the consumer to protect their device and use free/low-cost tools (when available) to help protect their important data in the event it falls into the wrong hands? Share your thoughts below.

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