WiSee Uses Wi-Fi To Detect Your Movements (Video)

WiSee Uses Wi-Fi To Detect Your Movements (Video)


Using gestures to control devices is of course not new. But a new technology, dubbed WiSee, developed by the researchers at the University of Washington, can be used to detect movements using only Wi-Fi. That’s right, there is no need for any cameras or motion detectors or any other sensors.

An antenna on a router can record changes in the frequency of the Wi-Fi signal due to human movements. If there are more people in a house, different antennas can be used. All this can be done using an existing router which can be modified. And there’s no need for a user to be in the same room as the router, as walls do not block Wi-Fi.

According to one of the researchers, “Our approach is to see the motion and try using it an interesting way. The technology can detect very minute changes in people’s movement patterns“. At the moment, the technology can be used to recognize nine gestures, with 94% accuracy.

It is still under development, but they believe that WiSee can be used in the future to control electronic devices. You can imagine standing in the kitchen cutting vegetables and you just do a hand gesture to lower the volume of your TV in the next room. Or you can tune the device to switch the light off whenever you do a backflip onto the bed. It can also find uses in gaming.

Check out the video to know more about it and leave your thoughts below. How is WiSee going to be a help for you in your house?