AMES Device For Rehabilitating Paralyzed Patients

AMES Device For Rehabilitating Paralyzed Patients


What you see above could be a great help for millions of stroke victims or patients with partial spinal cord injuries. The “AMES device”, which recently received FDA approval, is said to be capable of helping paralyzed patients to regain muscle movements.

Developed by Dr. Paul Cordo of the Oregon Health & Science University in collaboration with AMES, the device robotically moves a paralyzed or partially-paralyzed limb while simultaneously vibrating receptors in the muscle tendons associated with the movement. This could alert the brain to re-establish contact with the muscles and help guide the motion.

The device measures and provides real-time visual biofeedback of how much of effort the patient is making for doing a particular movement, and also performs diagnostic tests during sessions so that the progress of patients can be checked.

The device has been tested and found to have improved the movements and strength of patients. However, this device is not for patients with a completely severed spinal cord. It is expected to be available in hospitals and clinics in the beginning of 2014.