Google Bans Pornography Apps from Google Glass

Google Bans Pornography Apps from Google Glass


Not too long ago we reported that MiKandi was working on its own pornography apps related to Google Glass, and officially introduced the first app just yesterday. Almost immediately after releasing it, Google clarified that it would have a ban in place on sexually explicit Glassware apps for its upcoming wearable computer.

This is certainly a different approach than Google took with Android, which has quite a few adult apps, including MiKandi’s existing adult app store.

The new section added to developer policies for Google Glass states:

‘Glass does not allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sexual acts, or sexually explicit material.’

So why take this different approach with Google Glass than it does with existing Android-based mobile devices? Probably the biggest reason is that Glass already has an uphill battle when it comes to privacy concerns and public perception.

Some folks might not like the idea of the guy next to them on the bus secretly watching porn within his Google Glasses. While that same guy could always watch the same content on his phone/tablet, it is a lot harder to do it in secret.

Apparently MiKandi isn’t giving up on the idea of Google Glass apps completely and says that they will comply to the new rules, and plan on bringing out a new app. We aren’t exactly sure how that will work (considering they are a porn app company).

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