Future Gaming To Be Frighteningly Real

Future Gaming To Be Frighteningly Real


From Tennis for Two to the latest high graphics games and high end technology, the gaming industry has certainly come a long way. The effects coming with today’s games are certainly superb, though gamers do know that what they see is not real. That may not be the case if you are playing a game on Inition’s Vertigo Simulator, which takes you to a virtual world made very real by the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect.

As you can see in the image above, they provide everything to make your experience as real as possible. The game requires you to walk on a ledge placed 300 feet above the ground between two buildings, when you will be actually walking on that red strip.

The sound is provided by the headphones, the graphics are cool enough to make your brain feel that everything’s real, and there’s the Kinect, which tracks your motion, to add to the effect. And there are fans, which are not for keeping the players cool, but to provide wind effects.

From the looks of things, the whole experience is pretty awesome. And if it’s a safe environment in the real world, anybody can try it.

The Wizdish seems to be more appropriate when it comes to safety. It also combines the Kinect and the Oculus Rift, but you can walk on the slippery dish (requires a bit of training) wearing special shoes. And as you can see, players won’t have worry about falling down on the ground.

But if it’s a frightening experience players are looking for, there is Animazoo’s IGS Glove. It uses inertial gyros to track the motion of hands and fingers. So there is no need for cameras. The glove will give users a virtual reality experience of having their hands cut off by a guillotine.

Although most people won’t find falling 300 feet or having their hands sliced very amusing even in the virtual world, the technology which is enabling these effects is what’s important. The experience which will be available via the combination of technology such as the Wizdish, Kinect, IGS Glove and Oculus Rift will be phenomenally awesome. Gaming is most probably going to reach a new level if everything you see above is perfected.

So, are you excited about all this, could true virtual reality experiences finally be close at hand?