Motorola Moto X Smartphone Coming In October

Motorola Moto X Smartphone Coming In October


There have been rumors about Motorola’s upcoming smartphone which will go against the iPhone and Galaxy devices, and now Dennis Woodside and Regina Dugan have confirmed the existence of the device at the AllThingsD D11 Conference.

Woodside decided to bring the flagship in his pocket but didn’t show it to anyone at the event. It would have been nice if we got a peek at the device, but we will probably be able to do that via a leak sometime soon.

He said, “We have a hero device that’s coming out that’s going to be called Moto X”. The device, which will arrive in October, is coming with sensors which will make the device ‘contextually aware’. It will know what the user is doing with it and can adjust itself for it. And the handset will be built in the US, with processors coming from Taiwan and OLED screens from Korea. The price of the device could be a tad higher than other high end smartphones due to the Made in USA tag.

And also talked about were electronic tattoos and vitamin pills. Those are not for some high tech patient but for the users of future Motorola smartphones.

According to Dugan, “There’s so much information on your smartphone that makes you so much more vulnerable to identity theft now. After 40 years of computing we’re still authenticating the same way”. Motorola’s tattoo (with an antenna and circuits) and pill (with a chip powered by the stomach’s acids) will make the phone’s owner an authentication token or password.

Apple is likely to introduce finger print tech in future iDevices. It’s good to see that Motorola is thinking about new stuff rather than trying to copy though it seems to be a bit too much of authentication. What do you think?