Chrome Experiment ‘Roll It’ Game (Video)

Chrome Experiment ‘Roll It’ Game (Video)


It’s a new Chrome Experiment game for some multiplayer fun with your friends. ‘Roll It’ turns your Chrome browser into a classic boardwalk game and all you need is your smartphone and a desktop or laptop.

You start by logging in with a computer and smartphone. You will get a special code on the phone which has to be entered for syncing the device with the computer. Then you can use your handset as a controller to play the game which allows up to three players.

The game requires you to tap an arrow to aim and then flick the device up to toss the ball, the faster you flick the higher the ball goes. You will also get to play with power-ups. The graphics is running smoothly and, although Google is recommending a Chrome browser for controlling the game, other “modern Web browsers” can be used. But, apparently, the S2′s pre-installed Internet app wasn’t working.

Also they released earlier the ‘Racer’ game which allows you to play a racing game with five players on up to five mobile displays.

So, are you interested? Do share your thoughts about the games after you have played them.