The PR2 Personal Robot is A Real-Life Rosie the Robot – Sort...

The PR2 Personal Robot is A Real-Life Rosie the Robot – Sort Of


We are quickly nearing the same timeframe as the Jetsons took place in, and yet where’s my flying car, where’s my robot maid? To the later of these, the idea of robot personal assistant could actually not be too terribly far off after all.

The PR2 personal robot is designed by Willow Garage and uses the power of a Kinect 3D camera to analyze your body movements and decide how best to serve you. Getting ready to place something in the fridge? The robot anticipates this and opens the door for you.

Need a cold one? The robot could figure that out as well, bringing you a beverage and even pouring it. Hell, even dirty dishes could be a thing of the past with the PR2 robot.

According to Scientists studying the robot at Cornell, it can make correct predictions about human needs 82% of the time when looking on second into the future, 71% for 3-seconds and 57% for 10-seconds. Not bad.

Looking at the robot in the video, I have to admit it somewhat reminds my of Rosie from the Jetsons. It makes you wonder, will robots be commonplace in the home in the coming decades or is this just a pipe-dream that will never truly play out?

Personally, I’m not sure. The idea is intriguing, but do we really want/need robot maids and servants around the house? What do you think?

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