Mercedes-Benz Plans to Use QR Code Stickers to Potentially Save Lives

Mercedes-Benz Plans to Use QR Code Stickers to Potentially Save Lives


If you regularly use your smartphone, you’ve probably ran into and used QR codes. These stickers are designed to be scanned by your phone in order to redeem coupons, get special information and more. Now Mercedes-Benz has something a bit different in mind for QR code stickers: saving lives.

How could a QR code save a life? The idea is that the scannable code would work with a relevant app that would allow emergency responders to have access to detailed “rescue map” information in the case of an accident. This would include things like electric cable locations, airbag locations, car layout information and more. This would let the emergency worker find the best solution for getting access to the car and helping the injured driver or passengers.

Mercedes-Benz already has a rescue sheet that it provides for its vehicles, but most drivers don’t place them in spots that can even be found by a rescue worker making the information useless.

The QR code will make things simpler and quicker, in a situation where working quickly could be the difference between saving a life or a massive tragedy.

Beyond making it easier to find the rescue sheet information with a QR code, it also means that Mercedes-Benz can easily update the information in case something changes that the company feels should make its way to the map.

When is this coming? Mercedes-Benz vehicles should start rolling out with the stickers later this year. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before other manufacturers consider a similar approach, as it seems like a pretty cheap/easy way to provide important information for rescue workers.

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