LG: No Nexus 5 in the Pipeline, but We Could Soon See...

LG: No Nexus 5 in the Pipeline, but We Could Soon See A New Tablet


LG might not be the biggest ship sailing in the mobile devices sea, but it has certainly found success recently with devices like the Nexus 4. Wondering what’s next for the Korean-based electronics company? LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Wong has just spilled the beans on quite a bit of the company’s plans going forward.

It seems that Wong wasn’t afraid to speak out in a recent interview with Dutch site, All About Phones. First, the LG VP made it clear that even though the Nexus 4 was a big deal for the company, they aren’t currently working on a Nexus 5, though LG says they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if offered. So that means that the rumors of an LG Nexus 5 in the works are just that – rumors.

Furthermore, Wong indicates that they have no interest in following Samsung’s strategy of releasing their flagship device with a “Nexus Experience”, as seen in the so-called Google Edition of the Galaxy S4.

Instead, Wong reveals that the company is more focused on getting back into the Android tablet game. It’s been a year since we’ve seen a tablet from LG, but according to Wong, LG is “investing in tablets” and will be bringing something new to the market soon.

Last but least, Wong highlighted the company’s plans to diversify beyond Android in the future.

Moving beyond Google’s Android

So what does that mean for LG and for Google? It means that the company isn’t interested in ditching Android, but – like Samsung – feels that it is best not to put all its eggs in one basket.

If you are wondering if that means LG is working on their OS, or planning something with Web OS, the answer seems to be no. Wong says that they don’t have plans to develop their own OS. He wasn’t able to reveal which platforms they hope to put added focus on, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they were considering a stronger commitment to the upcoming Firefox OS, or maybe even Ubuntu or Tizen.

Again, don’t expect these to become primary focuses for LG, just an alternate path and sort of a “plan B”. What we do know is that LG seems intent on becoming a more important player in the mobile market, and in order to do that seems to be taking quite a few cues from its rival, Samsung.

What do you think of LG’s recent efforts in the mobile world? How does the company compare to smartphone/tablet rivals like Sony, Samsung, HTC and Apple?

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