YouTube Opens Up Live Broadcasting to its Users

YouTube Opens Up Live Broadcasting to its Users


You’ve seen special “live” events on YouTube before, such as the today’s Google I/O Conference. Up until now, these events have either come from Google, a partner or are limited to very special (rare) events. This is all changing, starting now.

As long as your channel is in good standing with 1,000 subscribers, you can now sign up for a broadcasting option that will allow you to have hold your own live programming. With this new method you can insert ads into the ‘show’, display multiple camera angles and even add closed captions.

Note that even though you can sign-up today, it will probably take a few weeks for the feature to roll out to your account. This is definitely an interesting step for Google, and could potentially open up new opportunities for those who want to do something different than the typical cat video or music video.

Imagine live improv comedies, attempts at “Saturday Night Live”-type shows and more. Things could certainly get interesting… What do you think of the idea, is YouTube wise to open up live broadcasting for its users?

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