A Look At Possible Future Uses for Google Glass (Video)

A Look At Possible Future Uses for Google Glass (Video)


In its current form, Google Glass is an interesting idea, but the wearable glasses still have a long ways to go until they reach their full potential. Right now, Glass Explorers are testing the tech out, while developers are just starting to play around and test out what they can accomplish with the technology.

But it’s the long-term that really has us excited. The idea of having a mobile computing solution that augments the world around of is really appealing. Right now, Google Glass doesn’t do things much differently than our smartphones – but this will change.

In the video below, Playground Inc shows us future scenarios where Google Glass could play a major roll. These tasks vary from having a GPS screen while biking, to a 911 dialer, to a guitar training program and so much more.

What do you think of the ideas in the video, any of these concept ‘features’ make you excited for Glass? Conversely, do you have any ideas of your own that you feel Glass could be useful for in the not-too-distant future?

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