Othermill: Cut Custom Circuit Boards and More (Video)

Othermill: Cut Custom Circuit Boards and More (Video)


Developed by Otherfab, the Othermill is a portable computer-controlled 3-axis mill that will allow you to cut custom circuit boards. And since it’s capable of cutting metal, wood, wax and plastic, you can also start working on your own jewelry, molds and more.

You can make beautiful jewelry from materials such as brass and birch as the Othermill can accommodate any tool with a 1/8” shank.

According to Otherfab:

“The Othermill was designed with PCBs in mind, and they were the very first thing we tested when we had a working machine. The precision and accuracy of the Othermill allows you to reliably cut 10 mil trace and space on FR-1 PCB stock. You can create custom circuits that fit into odd 3D printed parts, seamlessly integrate electronics into your clothing, and free up your Arduinos for other applications”.

The Othermill is a kickstarter project and it seems they have reached their goal of $50,000 within less than 24 hours since it began. Check out the video below to know more about their project.