Ouya Console Launch Slightly Delayed, Arriving June 25th

Ouya Console Launch Slightly Delayed, Arriving June 25th


If you were lucky enough to pledge your support for the Ouya early on, you might already have received the unique Android-based console. For those of us that didn’t, we are left waiting until the retail launch in June. A little bad news, it looks like we will be waiting longer than the 4th of June, as the console has now been delayed to June 25th.

So what caused the folks behind Ouya to delay the retail launch? The biggest reason, according to the company, is that there has been significant demand for the console and it will allow them to have more units ready to take up some shelf space at their partnering retailers.

That’s the official reason at least. Internally, it is also about addressing a pretty big concern that many early adopters have had with the console, its controller. While the control highly resembles the 360-controller and looks very high quality, it has had some reported problems with buttons getting stuck under the faceplate and other response-delay issues.

If pushing back the commercial launch a few weeks means that they can deliver a better experience from day one, all the better I say. The Ouya is a very different approach to console gaming and one that has quite a few challenges ahead, getting off to a timely retail start is important but not at the sacrifice of quality.

What do you think of the Ouya, are you excited or not?

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