Best Apps of the Week (5/3): A Look at New Apps for...

Best Apps of the Week (5/3): A Look at New Apps for iOS and Android


Another Friday has arrived, ladies and gents! Time for our fourth edition of “Best Apps of the Week” here at Mobile Magazine. As usual, we take a look at five of the best apps that landed on iOS and Android earlier during the week.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Best Apps of the Week – Android

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

If you are looking for something truly different this weekend, here it is. Sega’s Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno has seen a fair amount of success on iDevices and now has finally made its way to Android.

The game has you play as a prince of Hell, who also happens to be a rabbit (yes, really). The bunny prince utilizes unique weapons and masks to defeat a whole slew of baddies across 60 levels, taking place in six distinct worlds.

For $.99, this is certainly a worthy choice if you enjoy endless runners with odd-ball characters and story.

Angry Birds Friends

Technically this isn’t a new game, as it has been available on Facebook for quite a while, but now Rovio has taken the game, added a few extras and thrown it onto Android devices. Angry Birds Friends isn’t terribly different from any other “Angry Birds” title, except for it has a much more social focus.

Check this one out now, for free, via Google Play.


There are many great office suites out there for Android, but what if you could get a well-known Office program without paying a cent? LibreOffice is coming to Android. Now this app isn’t officially on Google Play and is a pre-alpha, meaning that it might not be suitable for daily usage.

Why post it? Despite being a pre-alpha, it is a VERY notable app and one that could be very important when it comes to future productivity on Android devices. To download this one, you’ll have to download the APK files and install them, all outside of Google Play.

This might not be for everyone, but if you are curious, it could still be worth checking out.

Punch Quest

Another game that started on iOS, Punch Quest has now arrived to Google Play. So what’s the game all about? Simple put, its a side-scroller where you punch things. Sounds pretty basic, but it is actually a heck of a lot of fun.

There are several moves and abilities you can customize your character with, and there are even path choices during the game that spawn special encounters and help add to the title’s uniqueness.

Punch Quest isn’t free, but at $.99 it is hardly what we’d call expensive.


WeatherBug is far from a new app. As one of the more popular Android weather apps, why is it on the list then? Because it just got a new makeover. The new interface uses dynamic live tiles that can be rearranged, making it easier than ever to access the weather-related information you want and need.

Check out the video below to see the new design, and then head over to Google Play and grab it for free.

Best Apps of the Week – iOS

Angry Birds Friends

As is inevitable, this is a repeat again, as we already mentioned it in the Android list.

Anyhow, it is basically just Angry Birds with social elements. Get it free from the AppStore.


Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Battling across 15 levels playing as Yoda or Count Dooku? Sign me up. This one is in celebration of Star Wars Day tomorrow, though it is available now. There are lightsaber duels, blaster battles and so much more.

If you are a fan of the Lego Star Wars universe, you’re going to love this freemium title. Grab it now through the AppStore.


What’s Songza? The app is all about helping your find the perfect music for your current mood, activity, occasion or whatever have you. The app curates playlists better than alternatives like pandora and works to pair based on time of day and so much more. This one is certainly worth checking out, best of all, it’s free.

Dark Avenger

Not too long ago, we covered Dungeon Hunter 4 on an iOS and Android app list, now comes a similar dungeon-based hacking experience, again of the freemium genre. This one has tons of enemies, plenty of loot and pretty impressive graphics.

Overall not a bad game, but it is worth noting that you have to have an active Wi-Fi connection to play the game, which might turn off some players. Anyhow, check this one out through the AppStore.

Star Command

What’s Star Command? It’s a sci-fi resource management and strategy game that lets you hire crew, upgrade em’ and fend of attacks from pesky aliens.

The game is probably a bit on the complex side compared to your average mobile game, but for strategy lovers, it could be perfect. So how much will this one set you back? $2.99, which really isn’t bad considering how engrossing this one really is.

Summing it all up….

And so ends our fourth ‘episode’ of “Best Apps of the Week”. Did you agree with our picks, or did we live out a vital new app that you feel should have made the cut? Let us and other readers know about them through the comments below!