Apple Calendar and Mail Apps to Get Makeover with iOS 7

Apple Calendar and Mail Apps to Get Makeover with iOS 7


Recently Bloomberg reiterated its earlier reports that there is a risk of delays to the Apple iOS 7 due to a much anticipated UI refresh and an extensive “software overhaul.”  Bloomberg also reported that Apple was “exploring more dramatic changes” for the Calendar and iOS 7 Mail apps.  These apps are expected to be so different that they will likely come at a later release.  Overseeing the development of the iOS 7 remake is Jony Ive.  He has reported to Bloomberg that it will contain stunning “realistic” images and UI elements over that of a flat UI.

However, Apple is not just looking to change the look of the new OS, Jony Ive supposedly has been keeping his eye on innovation and exploring new ways for consumers to interact and control their devices in future OS releases.  Ive has reportedly “met with makers of gesture technology” to discuss the addition of new features to the iOS.  Bloomberg does stress however that these extreme interface changes are most likely not going to be part of the iOS 7 release, but for future unveils.  Apple has promised that it’ll have both the new version of OS X and iOS 7 to developers by this year’s June WWDC conference.

It sounds like Apple is keeping their eye on the future and continuing to develop new technology to maintain their foothold on the tech market.

Are you excited for the release of iOS 7 and the new mail and calendar apps?  What new things are you hoping to see?

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