Android Lead Designer On Facebook Home

Android Lead Designer On Facebook Home


The Facebook Home was downloaded 500k times within nine days of its release, but most of the people had only complaints to post about the new app. But Matias Duarte, the man behind Android’s transformation, has only praises for the Home.

Duarte has commended the Facebook team and he seems to be impressed by the app’s “incredible amount of polish and attention to design detail”. He is not “threatened” by Home, and of course he shouldn’t be, and he is reminding us that the app shows the openness, choice, creativity and innovation available to everyone via Android.

As you know, the app takes over your Android smartphone in a way that won’t be appealing to most fans of the Android experience. But Facebook Home is just what its makers said it would be. Hardcore Facebook users seem to be enjoying it, though some became bored by the app due to the lack of options and features, and it’s also a battery killer. But updates will fix those, hopefully, after which the average rating will probably go up from the current 2.2.

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