Swype Now Available In The Google Play Store

Swype Now Available In The Google Play Store


It has taken three years, but Swype is finally losing its Beta tag and has hit the Google Play store. The app is available as a free trial version that’ll work for 30 days and a 99c version, and the two builds will eventually be available as a single version sometime in the future.

But are they a bit late? While Swype was busy getting its keyboard pre-installed on Android smartphones, competing apps such as SwiftKey, SlideIT, and TouchPal were going straight to the consumers. And also the gesture typing feature became available with Android 4.2.

But the folks at Swype, which is now a division of Nuance, are not too worried. Aaron Sheedy, Nuance’s VP of Mobile Product says, “Yeah, we might be late. That’s an honest concern. But the adoption of smartphones is still just so huge, and there’s a whole generation of people just coming online. Our language coverage is such that we’ll do really well in the [international] markets; we’ve got [support for] 62 languages, plus a bunch of dialects”. And also, OEMs are still paying licensing fees on every Swype-enabled device.

So far Swype seems to be getting good reviews from users who have installed it (unlike another new app). The free trial version is available here, and here’s the 99c version. If you are going for the paid version you better make it quick as the price is expected to go up in the coming weeks.

So, have you installed it yet? Interested in some swyping and driving?