The First LG Flexible OLED Smartphone Could Be Out By the Year’s...

The First LG Flexible OLED Smartphone Could Be Out By the Year’s End



According to LG Vice President Yoon Bu-hyun, flexible screens are coming our way by the year’s end. While no official product or specs have been released, LG has been working hard to beat Samsung to the market with their own flexible technology.

Of course just because LG ships a flexible display doesn’t mean the whole phone will be flexible, as they would also require flexible plastics, batteries and other components. More than likely, the first phone from LG to use the technology will simply have a curved display.

The idea of a commercial smartphone with a curved display is an interesting one, but being first comes at a price, namely the first smartphone running the tech will likely suffer from low yield issues with the display. These issues could mean higher pricing on the phone and a low number of devices at launch.

In a way, Samsung actually benefits from being second to market as they can see the strengths and weaknesses of LG’s first attempt and perhaps advance the technology enough to prevent the same mistakes when it is their turn.

What do you think of flexible display technology and the idea of smartphones with curved displays?

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