Samsung Developing Thought Controlled Mobile Devices

Samsung Developing Thought Controlled Mobile Devices


thought controlled

Samsung are once again pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a mobile device. Their latest concept is a brainwave controlled tablet. The idea might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but the Korean electronics giant actually have a working prototype based on the current Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab.

The current system uses a wearable cap which is studded with EEG sensors. Researchers working with Samsung on the system have found that it is possible for users to open an App and select a contact simply by concentrating and using the blink of an eye. The system is far from market ready though, but with considerable research we could see thought controlled mobile devices entering markets in the near future. 

Imagine the potential for this kind of control system for those with disabilities. If such a control method could be perfected, it could truly be a life-changer for some folks.

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