Rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Arrive Soon

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Arrive Soon



If you are planning to test how tough the Samsung Galaxy S4 is after you purchase it, maybe you can give it the treatment which was given to the Xperia Z recently, provided you have saved enough cash for one more S4. The S4 most probably won’t survive such a test. But the Sony handset is not that great as the S4 specs-wise. So what to do? Why don’t you just wait for the new tougher S4 that will apparently arrive sometime in the future?

According to President of Samsung Gulf Young Soo Kim, Samsung has plans to unveil a water proof/dust proof Samsung Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks. No confirmation on the matter from the company though, but someone in the position of Kim won’t certainly announce things like that just for fun.

If indeed it’s coming it will most probably be a bit more expensive (maybe $50-$100 more) than the S4 currently out there. And could this device have anything to do with the Galaxy S4 Mini being talked about these days? We are digging in to find out more. So, are you interested in getting a ruggedized S4?