Robot Factory’s 3DLPrinter Costs A Fortune (Video)

Robot Factory’s 3DLPrinter Costs A Fortune (Video)


If you want to 3D print objects with a very fine resolution you should go for a printer which is based on Digital Light Processing (DLP), and one of the most accurate DLP printers is the 3DLPrinter from Italian company, Robot Factory.

Measuring in at 17 x 15 x 22 in and weighing 40 kg, the 3DLPrinter has a print volume of 4 x 3 x 6.3 in. Its features include a tilting resin tray, an ultrasonic device to clean finished pieces, a UV oven, and much more. But what’s attractive about this new printer is that it can print at 1 micron in the Z axis.

Unfortunately, because there was no crowd funding campaign for 3DLPrinter, its manufacturers can’t keep its cost low. It costs a whopping $7,800. But if you are desperate to start some DLP-based printing, we suggest you should go for the B9Creator.

Check out the video below to take a peek at some of the objects created by 3DLPrinter, and do leave your thoughts below. Are you interested in some 3D printing fun? Maybe you are also looking for an affordable 3D scanner.