Google X Phone Allegedly Turns Up In Benchmark

Google X Phone Allegedly Turns Up In Benchmark


 X Phone

For months now the net has been ablaze with rumors about the so-called Motorola X Phone. Now a new AnTuTu benchmark screenshot has surfaced for the handset.

Marked as the “Google X” in the benchmark, the the screenshot shows a decent benchmark score, if not as outstanding as you’d expect with something like the Snapdragon 800. It also claims to be running Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie. Before you get too excited and take this as official confirmation, remember that the benchmark image could very easily be faked. Could it be real? Maybe, but again, it is best to not jump to conclusions.

Bottom-line is that something big seems to be brewing over at Motorola, even if this benchmarked “Google X” doesn’t prove to be it. Hopefully we know more very soon at Google I/O next month.

Are you excited for whatever Google and Motorola turn up, or would you rather stick to another branded phone such as those by Sony, Samsung, Apple or Nokia?

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