Future Cars Might Stop You From Texting While Driving

Future Cars Might Stop You From Texting While Driving


The human brain is an amazing organ, but it certainly has limitations when it comes to multitasking. That’s why it’s very dangerous to call or text while driving your car. Yet people do that, but in the future your vehicle might make sure that you do not.

In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines released on Tuesday, the Department of Transportation is recommending the installing of electronic devices in the car which would block common cellphone functions unless the vehicle is stopped and in park.

The operations include:

  • Manual text entry for the purposes of text messaging and internet browsing
  • Video-based entertainment and communications like video phoning or video conferencing
  • Display of certain types of text, including text messages, web pages, social media content

But they haven’t suggested anything regarding hands-free voice and texting apps which are also said to cause distractions. And nothing about in-dash controls, which could also be distracting to some.

These are non-binding guidelines, and even if such a tech which controls cellphone activity is developed it will take some time before manufacturers decide to add these into their vehicles. We wonder how this tech would recognize the difference between cellphones of passengers and drivers, since these guidelines don’t really make sense for passengers.

What do you think of the idea of enforcing a system that prevents certain cellphone functionality while driving? A good idea or not?

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