Acer iconia W3-810 Leaks to the Net as the First 8-inch Windows...

Acer iconia W3-810 Leaks to the Net as the First 8-inch Windows Tablet



Microsoft recently confirmed that it was in fact working on smaller-sized Windows tablets for the not-too-distant future, something we’ve been expecting for a while now. With the market making a push to 7 and 8-inch tablets it was only a matter of time. Still, when will we see the first tablet with a smaller display? The newly leaked Iconia W3-810 seems to indicate the answer to that is “soon”.

The W3-810 is a mid-range 8-inch tablet with a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor. Not much else is known about the device, but we can guess that it will be reasonably affordable considering the small display size.

IF Acer can release such a device at similar pricing to devices like Apple’s iPad Mini, it could certainly catch the attention of those that have occasional need of basic desktop Windows programs, such as those in the business world. Remember that with the power of an Atom processor, the W3-810 might not be running modern PC games or advanced PC programs, but it could certainly handle basic programs and older PC games.

What do you think of the idea of 7 and 8-inch Windows tablets, would you be interested if Microsoft and its partners can actually deliver aggressive pricing this time around?

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