The 830lb. Award-Winning Edison2 Light Car

The 830lb. Award-Winning Edison2 Light Car


If you put a 200hp engine in a massive truck, it’s probably not going to go very fast. Put that same 200hp engine in a lightweight gokart and that thing will fly. That’s why when we are looking at how we can be more fuel efficient with our vehicles and how we can be greener, we must also consider how to reduce the chubby waistlines of our existing cars and trucks. And in that regard, the newest version of the Very Light Car (VLC) from Edison2 really takes the cake.

Well, it takes the cake, but it won’t eat it. The VLC has to maintain its svelte and trim form, you see, as it tips the scales at a mere 830 pounds (376 kg). To put that in perspective, a super lightweight car like the Lotus Elise still weighs in at over 700kg, saying nothing of more conventional passenger cars. It also helps that the Edison2 VLC offers remarkable aerodynamic efficiency too, winning the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize back in 2010.

The next generation VLC improves upon its predecessors in just about every way, getting even better aerodynamic efficiency, a roomier interior and larger wheels. You’ll also notice the unique in-wheel suspension, which improves handling, reduces mass and reduces the overall complexity of the vehicle.

No word on when a consumer-ready model will hit the roads, but Edison2 CEO Oliver Kuttner says the architecture has a “promising future” and that the car “opens up the possibility for a whole new type of car… in a much more responsible, sustainable way to the future.”