4DX Japanese Theaters Let You Smell Tony Stark in Iron Man 3

4DX Japanese Theaters Let You Smell Tony Stark in Iron Man 3


Do you really want to smell what it’s like when all sorts of sweat and body odor are mixed in scorched earth and burnt steel? If you happen to be in Japan to watch the upcoming Iron Man 3, you’ll be given that opportunity.

In the ongoing effort to provide an increasingly immersive experience at the movie theater that cannot be mirrored at home, select Japanese theaters will be screening Iron Man 3 in what is dubbed the new 4DX format. It takes the concept of Smell-O-Vision and raises it the next level by adding in moving seats that roll, pitch and yaw in time with the onscreen action like how you get with those rides at Universal Studios. You also get strobe lighting and “jets of air and water” that blast into the faces of the patrons in the theater… again, like some of those theme park rides.

As far as the olfactory experience goes, the 4DX-equipped theaters are apparently capable of producing 1,000 different scents. I wonder if it can replicate the wonderful smell of fresh shawarma after a long day’s work. And of course, there’s 3D included in that package too. The 4DX format comes at a premium, naturally, tacking on an extra $13 for the 3D experience and about $10 for the 2D version.

Even if you can’t make your way over to a Japanese theater for Iron Man 3, you’ll soon be able to indulge in the smelly, rocky, spraying 4DX experience in the United States later this year.