Xiaomi Planning to Ship 15 Million Phones This Year, Hints at Going...

Xiaomi Planning to Ship 15 Million Phones This Year, Hints at Going Global



You might not have heard of Xiaomi, and that’s a damn shame. The small Chinese manufacturer has been making waves in the last few years, often being billed as the “Apple of China” with its premium Android handsets that really push the envelope when it comes to hardware and aesthetics, all while being reasonably priced all things considered.

Unfortunately, there business plan up until now is to focus only on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. That hasn’t stopped Android fans throughout the globe from sitting up and taking notice of this brand, though. And now it seems that Xiaomi is finally starting to notice back.

Speaking at the D:Dive Into Mobile event in NYC, the company’s CEO Bin Lin has stated that they plan to move beyond China in the near future. He also stated that the company expects to hit 15 million devices shipped in 2013, with some of these devices moving beyond the usual target countries.

We have no idea how far Xiaomi’s global ambitions will take them, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Europe is eventually in the cards. Here’s to hoping that they have their sights set on North America as well. If any Chinese brand could do well stateside, it would be Xiamo, and it certainly would give other Chinese brands that market in North America (like Huawei and ZTE) a pretty big challenger.

What do you think, would you like to see this premium handset manufacturer expand to a region near you?

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